The Psychology of Trading

I want to test this out to see what this looks like inside of the blog.

It’s actually quite nice that this is just a blank white page. Nothing else on it means no distractions. No distractions means focused writing – and focused writing, of course, means not only better content, but more of it, as well!

If this is just sort of a bog standard way, then that’s absolutely fine.

I wonder what happens when you add additional things using the blocks setup?

The New KickStartTrading.com

This is the new kickstarttrading.com. It is designed to be the only site necessary for traders to find a home and kickstart their careers.

We are not just an online community, we are a family of traders from all walks of life – from every corner of the globe and of every background, experience level and ability. What’s so unique about this site, though, is our users. All of these traders, aspiring and professional; young and old; rich and poor – what they all have in common is this: they seek to become a qualifiably better, more well-rounded trader, and they seek to do so in a community of like-minded people.

Welcome to KickStart!

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