Announcing a Major Change to the KickStart Funding Program – and to KickStart Trading

17 July, 2020

***For Immediate Release***

Re: A Message from Our CEO

Greetings Traders,

Wow! Just like that, 12 months has come and gone! It’s hard to believe it, but we began the KickStart Trading journey a little over twelve months ago at this point.

In those twelve months, we’ve recruited traders from all walks of life and from virtually every corner of the globe to join in our mission – to build the best team in Forex. I am proud to say that we have helped countless traders improve their abilities, increase their skills, and kickstart their careers by focusing on the three areas absolutely critical to trader success – Education through our Ultimate Forex Trading Course, Application (i.e., experience) through our KickStart PRO subscription service, and trader funding through our KickStart Funding Programme.

We’ve also learned a lot – meeting so many of you, getting to know your own journeys and your hopes; your strengths and your weaknesses – it’s been an absolute treasure of immeasurable value, as it has helped to inform what we do next and where we go from here.

I started this company to make a difference – in a space so overcrowded with fake “gurus” and “prophets” and shady marketing practices – I wanted to start something that was genuinely and comprehensively different.

We’ve become Platinum Partners with the 5%ers!

For Existing Clients – What Happens Next?

Absolutely nothing! Except, of course, to say, that your account will now be taken over by our partners over at the 5%ers. They are an excellent company with an outstanding reputation and a special commitment to KickStart Traders as our platinum partner.

For Existing UFTC Students – What Happens to my Evaluation entitlement?

Absolutely nothing! You will still proceed with a trader evaluation for the account you were promised, which in most cases will be our KickStart Funding Package 1, the $10,000 USD | 4% DD | 10% Doubling Account (except if you enrolled during a promotion where increased funding was offered).

The account will still be exactly the same, as will all parameters, qualification criteria, doubling criteria, etc. Literally nothing about your account will change – you are grandfathered in and the 5%ers have promised to honor our commitments to existing

For New Clients – Has the Opportunity Changed?

Trader Funding is Critical.

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