10 Secrets To KickStart Your Forex Trading Career

Don’t waste your time spending hours looking at charts or years learning…

It’s time to stop chasing fantasies and learn what really works in the markets with our easy to understand action steps.

In This Fun, Free, Informative and Interactive Trading Seminar with Head Trader, Chris Guzman, You'll Learn:

The 10 Most Important Things Every Trader Should Know

These are 10 key action items you can implement today, to start seeing progression in your forex journey, today!

How You Can Live the Life You Want to Live Through Your Trading

Discover the different types of traders (and trading) out there, and how things like your lifestyle, personality, and other factors should inform the type of trader you become.

That Anyone Can Change Their Destiny - It's Within Each of Us to Achieve

Learn Chris's journey - from the kitchens of the Culinary Institute of America to top trading floors in London, to becoming the founder & Head Trader of KickStart - Chris's story proves that anyone can become a trader.

A proven, Evergreen Approach to Markets Analysis and Trading

There's no experimentation here - Chris's proven approach to markets analysis and trading is simple, easily repeatable, and evergreen.

Why Now is the Best Time to Become a Trader, and why you shouldn't put it off any longer

If there's anything the COVID-19 pandemic has shown us, it's that things can change at a moment's notice - when you're a trader, though, you are in total control. Chris will show you how.

And much, much more!

Join us for a fantastic and enlightening discussion. There's a special bonus just for registering, and during the seminar Chris will tell you about the other bonus we have in store.

These are the things I Wish I had Known...

But like most traders, I learned them the hard way, through years of experience. Now, I want to share with you the 10 things I wish I’d known when I started nearly 10 years ago.

The truth is, trading is hard. Maintaining excellence, discipline, resolve – it’s hard. And there’s no single seminar or course that, by itself, can adequately prepare you. But these 10 secrets I’m going to share with you will help to greatly reduce your learning curve, and set you on the right path. 

Success, after all, is not an accident – like failure, it’s deliberate. And the difference between a dream and a goal is a plan. 

I can’t wait to see you inside!   – Christopher Guzman

Client Testimonials

This is some of what Chris’s students have said about him and his teaching – with 10 years’ experience and expertise in not just trading, but developing new traders, you’re in good hands. 

The CEO himself along with all the team support you along the way, through phone calls, emails and progress reports, they truly wish you nothing but success in your journey as a trader. Compared to what I have seen in my 5 years experience trading forex and testing out many different platforms, KickStart really stands out.
Mattithyahu O.
KickStart Student-Trader
The best trading education, coaching and funding source out there. Absolute number one. I wish I would have met the director/mentor Christopher Guzman years ago as the way he teaches and explains the markets is amazing, makes sense, is easy to follow and most importantly works. There are no gimmicks, fancy indicators, just plain logic and simple tools that make the picture clear so you know what you are doing or looking for in the markets all the time. Thank you Chris and Kickstart Trading
Oliver G.
KickStart Student-Trader
The in-depth coverage of Fibonacci retracement and extension techniques, in the context of the fractal nature of the markets, is hugely valuable and a rare find.
Robin R.
KickStart Student-Trader


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