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KickStart Trading has something for everyone and is the ideal platform for learning, developing, and mastering Forex trading for beginners, intermediates, and even the seasoned pros
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The Ultimate Forex Trading Course™
19-modules, 34 lessons covering everything from What is FX? to Trader Psychology and everything inbetween, 7 proprietary trading strategies, over 20 hours of content, monthly live classes... This is the ULTIMATE Forex Trading Course
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Welcome to KickStart - Where creating successful, confident, consistent, disciplined, profitable traders is at the core of who we are and what we do

We’re achieving that one student, one trader, one trade at a time. 

Becoming a successful trader is a marathon, not a sprint, and getting there happens not through luck, but through your deliberate planning, discipline, and execution.  

If you are serious about taking the first (or next) big move in your trading career, you have found the right place.

This is How We do it...

Our proven formula for success is evergreen and covers all bases. 

It starts with education through our Ultimate Forex Trading Coursecomprising 19 modules across 34 lessons, covering everything from What is FX? to Fibonaccis, Advanced Patterns, MTF Analysis, Risk & Equity Management, and More…

But education’s not where it ends – in order to develop from market analyst to market trader, you must gain real-world experience and bridge the gap between theory and practical application. 

Coaching, we firmly believe, is as important as education.

Then there’s Trader Funding. Because nobody enrols in a course just for the privilege of enrolling in a course – (unless, you do!) the goal here is to kickstart your forex trading career. The way we see it is: you prove your talent, we’ll leverage our capital – Don’t lose more than 4% in a day, or 5% overall, and keep 75% of your profits. simple.

No minimum position counts, trading days, combines, challenges, or other silly rules, and with FX, Stocks, Indices, Commodities and even the major Cryptos available, feel free to trade the markets you trade best.

Established 2019

Meet the Founder

Your Success is Our Passion

Founded by Traders

At KickStart, we are traders. We were founded by traders, for traders, and with one thing in mind – to disrupt the trader education and trader funding industries and become the final word in trader training and development. 

KickStart Trading, Powered by Traders

Christopher J. Guzman

Christopher J. Guzman

Founder | Chief Executive Officer | Head Trader | KickStart Head Performance Coach

Founder | CEO | Head Trader | Head Performance Coach


Chris is a 10+ year Forex trading veteran and experienced trading coach, Senior FX Currency Strategist and Financial Analyst with a demonstrated history of success in trading, management, education, and organizational leadership. He focuses on efficient markets and places heavy emphasis on technical analysis, particularly fibonaccis and multiple time-frame analysis.

He is the Founder, CEO, & Head Trader of KickStart Trading.

Forex Education - The Ultimate Forex Trading Course™

Whether you are an absolute novice, brand new to the world of trading looking to begin, or you are the seasoned pro, looking to hone and improve your skills, or learn new ones, we've developed state-of-the-art courses that provide the most immersive and comprehensive trader training anywhere.

Forex Mentorship & Experiential Learning

Market theory's important, but it's only part of the equation. Equally important is the ability to apply that theory to the real world - in other words, experience. We focus heavily on this and build mentorship into our existing courses, as well as offering it as a standalone service.

Trader Funding - FX, Stocks, Metals, Indices, Cryptos

Our Education is designed around the FX market, but our KickStart Trader Funding Program is open to all traders of just about all asset classes! And it's absolutely essential. SPOLIER ALERT: You CANNOT turn £50 into $1 Million. It's a fantasy. As far as we're concerned, the fact of the matter is this - if you are trading with less than $50,000 USD in capital, you are underfunded. Through our KickStart Trader Funding Program, we can certainly help.

Our Traders Love Us


The cold, difficult reality is that over 90% of new retail forex traders FAIL. I don’t mean, they lose here and there, or they have setbacks… They FAIL. The reason? Well, studies have suggested that it’s because most new traders don’t actually take the time and invest in themselves by acquiring a quality education before trading.

The reality is that successful traders do what unsuccessful ones are unable/unwilling to do – and that starts with acquiring a quality education. 

If you want to be successful, like with anything, the first step is to get educated. Educate yourself on how the market works; the language of the markets (technical analysis); risk management; and trader psychology, as these are the most important components of the makeup of a successful trader. Our Ultimate Forex Trading Course covers all of this and more. Check it out

Maybe. Maybe not. It depends. That’s the honest answer. See, at KickStart, we’re able to work with anybody, but we’re unwilling to work with just anybody – because the fact is, forex trading (and trading generally) is NOT for everyone. 

You have to be willing/able to think differently – to see the world differently than most do. You must be able to change your relationship with money, and therefore, your perspective on it, and you must be willing (and have a desire, of course) to accept that there are risks involved, and that trading is not for everyone. If you need help figuring out if trading is right for you – come join us in one of our upcoming seminars, or get in touch – we offer a free 15-min consultation with a member of our trading team. Book a Free Call.

The Forex, or Foreign Exchange, is the most liquid market in the world, meaning, you’ll never have an issue of lack of buyers and sellers, with over $5.3 TRILLION USD moved through the markets daily.

Unlike stocks and other markets, it is decentralized, meaning there is no central exchange, everything is transacted virtually and from anywhere in the world. It is a leveraged market – which can, of course, be both a tremendous blessing and hideous curse. Used correctly, leverage can greatly enhance your returns. Used incorrectly, and you can get margin-called (where your losses exceed your initial investment). That’s why, it’s super important to LEARN how to trade first – not just what to trade, but HOW to trade. For full details on the risk associated with Forex trading, visit our “Legal Stuff” section of the site by clicking here

KickStart Trading is a new, better way to learn how to trade and develop into consistent, disciplined, refined, highly profitable traders. We are traders, ourselves – so, we live and breathe this stuff. 

For us, your success is our passion – we get up each morning and go to bed each evening with a very clear mission and focus – to graduate the best traders in the industry, and in so doing, to become the final word in trader training and development. 

Yes! Absolutely! Even if we might not be hiring right at the moment you happen to be reading this, we are trying to build the best team in Forex – so, naturally, there will be opportunities to join the team in various professional capacities as we continue to grow. 

You bet we do. And it’s one of the best in the business, if we may say so!

For more information, check out our Trader Funding page.

We take a very different approach to trading and to learning to trade, as we are genuinely interested in bearing witness to your earned success. Trader education is important – in fact, it’s the most important first step! However, it’s only that – a first step. Becoming a successful trader involves so much more than just simply enrolling in a course – and it doesn’t matter how good the course is – there is no single course out there that, by itself, will make you a good trader. That comes from experience. 

So, we focus on the three areas which are essential to finding success and consistency in the markets – education, application (this is the experience part, or applying theory to the real world), and trader funding. To book a free consultation call to explore how KickStart might be able to help you, click here.

We always explain to people that, whether you find a company like ours, or you decide to go it alone, you are going to pay to get educated and develop your experience in the markets. The latter is a lot more effective; the former is a lot more expensive. 

That’s the reality – and there’s no way around it. The difference between going it alone and joining a company like KickStart is this – experience, guidance, support. See, going it alone can actually work out to be a lot more costly in the long run – we leverage our years of experience and expertise to greatly reduce your learning curve, and to help you avoid the most common mistakes almost all new traders make (and have to learn from the hard way)

Getting started is easy – you can enrol directly through the website; attend one of our upcoming seminars to learn more; or book in for a free consultation. Click here to book the consultation.

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