With affordable prices, accessible mentors, and the highest standard of ongoing support, it’s never been easier to learn forex and become a successful trader.
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Kickstart trading is the final word in trader education and development
We focus on the 3 areas critical to trader success – education, application, and proprietary trading through KickStart FUNDING™.
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We're Building the best team in forex
It is our mission and we're achieving it one trader, one lesson, one evaluation -- one milestone at a time. It's never too late to join us in our endeavour and change your life for the better.
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"KickStart Trading is one of the few proprietary
trading firms out there,
that actually care about you and your performance
and will do anything they can to help."

Oliver G.

Trader Education

Our Ultimate Forex Trading Course™, comprised of 34 lessons, 19-modules, quizzes, weekly LIVE! classes & more

Trader Application

Learning to trade is only part of the equation. Equally important is experience and applying theory to the real world

Trader Funding

KickStart FUNDING™ is our trader funding programme - it's our answer to undercapitalised retail FX traders

About us

Trader education and development is our purpose. At KickStart, we are passionate about finding and cultivating the highest quality, consistently profitable traders. We believe that Forex trading is a lifestyle – a mindset, one which must be nurtured and developed. We believe the difference between a dream and a goal is a plan, and we believe that money should not be the obstacle hindering your pursuit of happiness.

We help traders of all abilities, experience and education, kick start their careers through the three key areas of trader development – Education, Live-Market Application, and Trader Funding

Our Mission

Our Mission

To develop the best team in forex through provision of the highest quality education, true, comprehensive trader development, mentorship and support, and trading capital at affordable, straight forward prices

What Our Clients Say...

Let's work together to kickstart your career and empower your future

Your future is up to you. I learned that the hard way so that you don’t have to. Let’s work together to leverage our knowledge, experience and our capital with your talents, passion, and drive for success. Let’s harvest that to kickstart your forex trading career and empower the kind of future you want to see. 

empower your future™

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