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We're connecting the world of traders as the final word in trader training and development

We’ve built the ideal platform for learning to trade and for becoming well-trained, consistently successful traders. Our aim is to connect the global trading community as the final word in trader training and development. From beginners to seasoned pros, we have built this community to include something for everyone – and to allow contribution from anyone. 

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Joining the KickStart Trading community is fast, easy and free – and it’s an essential first step toward kickstarting your career in trading and empowering your future.

Immerse yourself in our global community of traders all here for the same reason you are – to become better traders!

Learn to trade in-house with a wide range of free and premium courses from our in-house KickStart Trading Academy™


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Education - KickStart Trading Academy™

Whether you are an absolute novice, brand new to the world of trading looking to begin, or you are the seasoned pro, looking to hone and improve your skills, or learn new ones, we're constantly developing state-of-the-art courses that provide the most immersive and comprehensive trader training anywhere. Click here to learn more.

Application - KickStart PRO™

Market theory's important, but it's only part of the equation. Equally important is the ability to apply that theory to the real world - in other words, experience. This is where KickStart PRO comes in. A Virtual Trading Room and Community and Coaching Service loved by many. Click Here to Learn more.

KickStart's Trader Funding™

Is absolutely essential. SPOLIER ALERT: You CANNOT turn £50 into $1 Million. It's a fantasy. The fact of the matter is this - if you are trading with less than $10,000 in capital, you are underfunded. Working with industry-leading partners, we can certainly help. Click Here to Learn more.

Immersive Trading Community

At KickStart, we believe that learning to trade and becoming a good trader is an on-going, communal experience. Or, at least, it should be. As such, we've built the entire company, platform, and all our offerings around this simple premise. Join the world's most comprehensive, immersive trading community for free!

KickStart Trading MarketPlace™

Coming 2021.

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Join us for a no-risk, no-obligation, 7-day free trial to KickStart PRO and see how KickStart can help you in your trading journey. No credit card required.

Something for Everyone

KickStart Trading offers something for everyone and is the ideal platform for learning, networking, and becoming consistently successful, profitable traders.


90% of new Forex traders FAIL. Why? Well, studies have shown it’s because most new traders don’t actually take the time and invest in themselves by acquiring a quality education before trading.

There is a lot of information out there – some good, some bad. For most, though, this is not enough, and there is no substitute for acquiring a proper, comprehensive education and an experienced mentor. 

If you do not have experience trading, or you’ve got very little experience trading, or you are not achieving / have not achieved consistent profitability, you should consider pursuing an education from a reputable provider.

One of our core principles is that acquiring an education and finding success in the markets shouldn’t cost you your life’s savings. So, we’ve gone to great lengths to deliver as much value and quality training we can for the least amount of money possible. That’s why you can obtain a membership from as little as £75 p/m – . See all our pricing here

Yes. We are a service-oriented company. We wouldn’t want to pay for something we didn’t find value in, so why would we expect any less from you?**

Yes! When you are a member, you are able to schedule one free 1-1 coaching calls per quarter (4 per year). KickStart PRO Elite members are able to schedule one per month (12 per year) See full details here

*Based on annual billing KickStart PRO subscription. See pricing for full details

**Annual subscribers can request a full refund up to 14-days after enrolment, after which, no refund is provided. See terms & conditions for full details


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