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The formula for becoming a successful Forex trader does not involve luck. Success in Forex trading is only achieved, in fact, through rigorous, immersive, ongoing education and practical application in the live markets.

At KickStart, we have made it our mission to ensure that any aspiring trader who wishes to achieve success is equipped with the necessary tools to do so. We achieve this by focusing on the three categories fundamental to building a successful Forex trading career – Education, Application, and Funding

Because of our founding by traders, with traders, and for traders – we have created a true success incubator – offering the best hands-on, self-paced, guided course of study with the clearest path toward actual success and growth found anywhere in the industry. By tailoring our training to fit your lifestyle, your needs, and your level of confidence as you grow, we help traders of all abilities, experience and education, kick start their careers and empower their futures.  

If you are an experienced trader who is just looking for additional trading capital, you can join the KickStart Family directly through our KickStart Funding programme

For everyone else, we’ll guide you through our proven process with the aim of training you to the highest standard – to the point where we can recruit you into our Funding Programme  – something that can set you up for a long term career in Forex trading.

The KickStart Development Model

It starts with education through our Ultimate Forex Trading Course

Which is designed to be the only course you’ll ever need to start achieving success in the markets and covers everything from the forex basics, through to trader psychology, risk & equity management, 7 proprietary trading strategies, advanced pattern analysis, fibonacci analysis and more. 

It is the most comprehensive, interactive, and immersive online learning experience found anywhere in Forex. 


KickStart PRO takes it to the next level - and helps you bridge the gap between market theory and live application

Included FREE for 6-months, PRO is the essential service helping you to see what we’re teaching in the course actually applied to the live markets, in the real world, in real time, and with real trades – all of which helps you reinforce your knowledge and understanding of the concepts taught, build confidence in the methodologies and in your own abilities, and overall become a quantifiably better trader. 


And Ultimately, it all leads to recruitment in our funding programme.

The ultimate goal is to recruit you into our funding programme, where you will be best equipped to turn your newfound knowledge into action – and action into profit. 

We offer a unique opportunity to trade with our capital, earn 50% of the profits generated, AND grow the account in excess of $1.4 Million USD.


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Take a Complimentary, Zero Obligation, Risk-Free trial and explore KickStart PRO™ which includes Daily Technical Analysis, Complimentary Trading Tools, Live Sessions every Monday, Wednesday & Friday, Personal Trade Coaching, Hours of archived content and more. No Credit Card Necessary.

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