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About KickStart Trading

Founded in 2019 by seasoned Forex Veteran, Christopher Guzman, out of a desire to make the world of forex trading more accessible, KickStart Trading is revolutionary, and has developed into the ideal platform for traders of all abilities to learn, network, acquire funding and more. We are the final word in trader training.

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The KickStart Trading Story

KickStart was founded out of a desire to disrupt the trading (and specifically, the trader education/development) industry with a revolutionary new way to learn to trade and become consistently successful. 

We were built for traders, by traders, and with a simple mission – to become the final word in trader training and development.

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Established 2019

Meet the KickStart Team

Your Success is Our Passion

Founded by Traders

At KickStart, we are traders. We were founded by traders, for traders, and with one thing in mind – to disrupt the trader education industry and become the final word in trader training and development. Meet our small (BUT GROWING!) team below.

KickStart Trading, Powered by Traders

The Partners

Christopher J. Guzman

Founder | Chief Executive Officer | Head Trader | KickStart Head Performance Coach


is a 10-year Forex trading veteran and experienced trading coach, Senior FX Currency Strategist and Financial Analyst with a demonstrated history of success in trading, management, education, and organizational leadership. He focuses on efficient markets and places heavy emphasis on technical analysis, particularly fibonaccis and multiple time-frame analysis. He is the Founder, CEO, & Head Trader of KickStart Trading.

Richard Hooper

Managing Director, Operations & Business Development | Senior Trader | KickStart Performance Coach


is a 10-year veteran of the British Royal Air Force; he is a visionary entrepreneur and distinguished investor in property and forex, as well as a qualified coach. He is a co-Founder and Director of WCM FX LTD, and he is KickStart's Managing Director, Operations & Business Development | Senior Trader | KickStart Performance Coach

Join the world’s first comprehensive trader network designed to connect the world of traders and lower the barrier-to-entry for traders everywhere… It’s FREE! 

the KickStart Trading Community

the KickStart Trading Academy™

Trader education is the most important first-step in any trader journey. Over 90% of new traders fail. The reason is simple — most people don’t take the time nor invest the money in themselves 

Virtual Trading Room & Community | Live Trading Sessions Mon – Thurs every Week | Personal Coaching | Trading Tools & More… KickStart PRO is designed to be the ideal bridge between learning market theory and acquiring proper, real-world experience.

the KickStart PRO Membership

KickStart's Trader Funding

If you are trading with less than $10,000 USD, you are under-capitalised. To address this, we’ve teamed up with industry-leading partners such as the 5%ers, BluFX, and more…

KickStart Trading has something for everyone

We've built the ideal platform for traders of all backgrounds, abilities, and aspirations, to learn, trade, and grow together under one roof... Get Started for FREE today!


90% of new Forex traders FAIL. Why? Well, studies have shown it’s because most new traders don’t actually take the time and invest in themselves by acquiring a quality education before trading.

There is a lot of information out there – some good, some bad. For most, though, this is not enough, and there is no substitute for acquiring a proper, comprehensive education and an experienced mentor. 

If you do not have experience trading, or you’ve got very little experience trading, or you are not achieving / have not achieved consistent profitability, you should consider pursuing an education from a reputable provider.

One of our core principles is that acquiring an education and finding success in the markets shouldn’t cost you your life’s savings. So, we’ve gone to great lengths to deliver as much value and quality training we can for the least amount of money possible. That’s why you can obtain a membership from as little as £79 p/m – . See all our pricing here

Yes. We are a service-oriented company. We wouldn’t want to pay for something we didn’t find value in, so why would we expect any less from you?**

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Yes! When you are a member, you are able to schedule one free 1-1 coaching calls per quarter (4 per year). KickStart PRO Elite members are able to schedule one per month (12 per year)

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