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We take a very different approach to trader development in that we believe the primary focus should be on applying theory to the live markets. Put another way, “practice makes perfect.” That’s why we’ve modeled our business around our KickStart PRO™ subscription service and included our education completely free of charge. Seriously, it’s free for any KickStart PRO™ member!

Our comprehensive, 19-module online trading course is ideal for traders of any ability or experience level looking to begin or elevate a career in Forex Trading and Proprietary Forex Trading.

Here’s a look at what we cover:

KickStart PRO™

KickStart Trading was founded on a simple premise… Becoming a successful trader shouldn’t be unattainable. It shouldn’t cost you your life’s savings, and the only difference between a dream and a goal is a plan. The biggest part of that plan should be practice and application in the live markets. That’s why we’ve created KickStart PRO™

More than just a Virtual Trading Room, KickStart PRO™ is a place where we gather several times each week with our community of traders to analyze 25 currency pairs, in search of the most viable potential opportunities the market is presenting to us throughout the week.

It is designed to give you the sense that you are viewing over our shoulders, and into the minds of our professional traders. Coupled with our KickStart Education programme, which is included with every membership level, it is the ideal way to bridge the gap between trading theory and practical application in the LIVE markets!

Every KickStart member will also have access to our invaluable professional trading tools, designed to make everything a professional trader needs for success is always close at hand.

Here’s a look at what’s included with your membership:



*Subject to successful evaluation. Terms & Conditions Apply.


*Subject to successful evaluation. Terms & Conditions Apply.

KickStart FUNDING™

Deciding to become a Forex trader is a true test of one’s character… Acquiring the education and funding necessary for success shouldn’t be. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to help.

We fund traders up to $50,000 USD*, and offer accounts with both a 4% and 8% drawdown.

We include funding FREE after 6 months of membership to KickStart PRO™. But PRO™ isn’t the only way to access funding.

Are you confident you have what it takes to successfully pass your evaluation and become an official KickStart Funded Trader™? Skip PRO™ and apply for an evaluation directly.

We’ll still give you an extended free-trial to PRO™, which includes access to KickStart EDUCATION™, because we are a full-service trader development operation. Only pay for PRO™ if you find value and want to continue without interruption after your trial ends.