KickStart’s Forex Trader Funding Program

We are serious traders...

...on an unrelenting mission to find, cultivate, and ultimately fund serious traders.

No multiple stages. No minimum position counts or trading days. No maximums either. Simple, straightforward, and fair assessments. REAL, live funded trading accounts, and you keep 75% of profits monthly.

Welcome to the Future of Trader Funding.
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KickStart's Trader Funding Program is Different.

And no, we’re not just saying that. 

Our approach is simple – Prove you can generate 10%, without losing more than 5%, or 4% per day. That’s it. No combines, challenges, multiple-stages, and no restraints on your time, style, or strategy; just pure trading and pure profits. 

Speaking of profits, you keep 75%…

Keep What You’ve Earned

75% Trader Profit Share

You leverage your trading skills, we’ll leverage the capital. 

Considering that you’re the one doing the work, it’s only right that you should keep what you’ve earned…

That’s why we offer one of the best profit splits in the industry – you keep 75%!

Tradeable Assets

No Minimums or Maximums… Ever. Full Stop.

Serious Traders Wanted

We’re serious traders who are serious about finding and developing serious traders.

So, we’ve developed a funding program designed to help us do just that – 

No minimum position counts, trading days, combines, multiple-stages, or any other silly rules to hinder your style – Just trade profitably and consistently, without going beyond the drawdown and daily drawdown allowances.

That’s it – let’s not overcomplicate things.

FX, Indices, Stocks, CFDs, and even Cryptos…

Not Just for Currencies

Why limit yourself to just one asset class?

At KickStart, we want you to prove you can trade profitably and consistently.

To do it, we give you access to trading not just FX, but also Indices, over 300 Stocks, Commodities, and even the major Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin, and Ripple. 

More profits = More Drawdown. More Drawdown = More Freedom. 

Maximum Drawdown Lock-In™

Our Maximum Drawdown Lock-In Feature, allows you to lock your equity stop out (ESO) level to your starting balance once you’ve generated a min. 5% net profit, so that, provided you do not lose more than 4% per day, the more profits you generate, the more drawdown allowance you afford yourself.

For example, if you started with $100K USD, your Equity Stop Out (ESO) Level would be $95K USD (5% of 100k). If you were to grow the account to $104K, your ESO Level would be $99K USD. 

But, once you’ve hit $105K USD with the account, your ESO will be locked in at $100K USD, and it will not move beyond this point, no matter how much your profits do!

Balance at $145K? Your MDD is still locked in at $100K! 

Full Performance Analytics. Full Visibility. Full of Possibilities. 

Success Isn't Accidental

It requires a plan. But that’s only part of it. 

You’ll also need to be able to measure your performance against that plan. Our state-of-the-art technology package included with every account helps you to do just that. 

Your comprehensive trader dashboard will show you everything you need to know, including your progress toward qualification, distance from your DD thresholds, Your last-snapped High Watermark (HWM), a reminder of the few program rules we do have, and even your projected annual return all in one clean, consolidated platform.

Knowledge is power. 

Fund Your Trading Career. Empower Your Future.

The Future of Trader Funding, Facilitated by EightCap, Powered by your choice of MT4 or MT5, Brought to you by KickStart.

Trade from Anywhere with MetaTrader - 4 or 5!

MetaTrader 4 and 5 are the leading trading platforms used most widely among traders globally. 

EightCap is an award-winning international MT4 broker, based in Australia, and named Best Global Forex MT4 Broker 2020 at the Global Forex Awards.

Together, with KickStart’s Trader Funding Program, it’s a match made in serious-traders’ heaven!

Click below to create a free trial demo and experience EightCap’s fantastic trading conditions for yourself.

KickStart Your Trading Career
Empower Your Future

Choose Your Platform (MT4 or MT5) to Get Started













One-Time Fee

$250 USD

$400 USD

$700 USD

$2,000 USD

$4,000 USD

$7,500 USD

Maximum Drawdown (5%)







Maximum Daily Drawdown (4%)







Target to Qualify (10%)







Minimum Trading Days

Maximum Trading Days

Overnight Holding

Weekend Holding

Live Funded Account Profit Split: 75%, with one on-demand withdrawal every 30 calendar days


Your Future, Funded.

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Which Account is Best for You?

Choose a starting balance between $25,000 USD and $1,000,000 USD. Or, if you’d like a different starting balance, get in touch to enquire about our bespoke offerings!

**For MT5, please use the table above and select “MT5”


$25,000 USD
$250 one-time fee


$50,000 USD
$ 400 One-Time Fee


$100,000 USD
$ 700 One-Time Fee
July 4 sale!


$250,000 USD
$ 1,800 One-Time Fee
July 4 sale!


$500,000 USD
$ 3,500 ONE-TIME FEE
July 4 Sale!


$1,000,000 USD
$ 6,500 One-Time Fee
July 4 Sale!

There are Huge Benefits to Becoming a Fully-Funded KickStart Trader

Simple Rules.

Don’t lose more than 4% in a day, or 5% overall. 

Flatten over the weekend (but feel free to hold overnight).

Always use a Stop/Loss, and generate a minimum of 10% to qualify. Simple!

No Time Constraints.

We don’t believe in undue pressure – so, whether it takes you 1 week or 1 month is irrelevant.

We only care that you can trade profitably and consistently – we do NOT care how quickly you can do it. 

By the way, neither should you – Profit is Profit!

75% Profit-Share.

You bring your trading skills, we’ll bring the capital. 

Considering you’re the one doing the work – it’s only right you should keep what you’ve earned…

That’s why we offer one of the best splits in the industry – you keep 75%!

Trade Your Own Style.

You Understand how you trade best. Why would we try to change that? 

With KickStart, you’re free to trade as you trade – all we ask is that you flatten over the weekend, and stick within our risk guidelines. 

Outside of that: scalpers, swing traders, intra-day – all are welcome!

Full Performance Analytics.

Our State-of-the-art technology means you’ve got full visibility, and therefore, full control, of your performance at all times. 

All advanced performance analytics are collated on the user dashboard, and can be accessed by both our traders and coaches to greatly increase efficiency. 

Knowledge is power.


100x Your Investment.

Our affordable fees are only charged once as you sign up for your evaluation. 

They’re designed to be the equivalent of 1% of your trading account’s balance, so that, rather than starting with some arbitrary number, you are trading with 100x your investment, from day one. 

There are no additional fees, ever. 


The KickStart Trader Funding Program uses the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform, exclusively. MT4 is the platform of choice for the majority of Forex brokers and traders globally. For analysis, we use TradingView. 

Yes. We aren’t bothered so much with things like which strategy you’re using or what individual trading style you have. The only thing we really care most about is that you are deploying good risk management practices (always trade w/ a S/L!) and trading for consistent profits.

and share with other traders who are looking to kickstart their trading careers!

Brand New to Trading?

If you’re brand new to trading and not quite ready to pursue forex trader funding, check out our Ultimate Forex Trading Course, which will give you all the necessary building blocks to KickStart your trading career – did we mention trader funding is included?

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