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Trader Funding, presented by the 5%ers
One of the many benefits of forex trading is the ability for retail traders to access trader funding, thanks to companies like the 5%ers. They are not only one of the oldest, most trusted names in trader funding, they also offer one of the most flexible, rewarding trader funding programs in the industry
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The 5%ers are one of the names in Forex Trader Funding

The 5%ers offer one of the most flexible, rewarding, and lucrative Forex trader funding programs in the industry with NO evaluation, instant funding, and low-cost, one-time fees, and the freedom to trade as you wish - because you know how you best trade, and you should not be forced to conform, they tailor your progression based on your profile, whether you are a lower risk or more aggressive trader*

The Process

  • Quick signup with a One-time fee
  • Instant funding, NO evaluation
  • Opportunity to QUADRUPLE initial funding with target achievement
  • Guaranteed monthly payout
  • 50/50 Profit Share Agreement from Day 1
  • Profit payouts DO NOT affect account growth progression, ever.
  • Double funding each time your target is achieved
  • 10%/25% targets, depending on risk profile
  • Guaranteed up to $1.28 Million USD

Why Trade with the 5%ers?

Always Trade with Real Money

Everything is done with real money - because there is NO demo trading at any point, it means you can begin earning from Day One

Zero Risk

There is zero risk to you - You bring the talent, they bring the capital, you both share in the success

Low-Cost Entry

There are no subscription fees or hidden fees of any kind. Just a one-time fee is all it takes to get started

All Traders Welcome

Easily achieved milestone targets and flexible trading conditions make the 5%ers an excellent choice for all traders

All Trading System/Styles

No restrictions are placed on strategy or style. Ever. You know how you trade best - why would they try to change that?

24/7 Access

The FX trades 24/5, but the 5%ers also allow you to hold over the weekend, not just overnight, giving you 24/7 access

Monthly Payouts

Your profit share is paid out to you monthly, guaranteed, with no minimum threshold and account doubling for every target achievement

Ongoing Support

The 5%ers provide excellent support through live chats, email, telephone and forms and even have an on-staff Trade Psychologist


The 5%ers use MetaTrader4 (MT4) - the world's most popular trade-execution platform - exclusively, making it convenient for any trader

Browse all available accounts from the 5%ers below.

Use the toggle to switch between their low-risk account parameters and their aggressive-risk account parameters. Remember, you have the freedom and the flexibility to trade as you wish and they simply tailor your parameters to your style – determined through your actual trading performance. Pretty cool.

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Aggressive Trader

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This is trader funding done the right way...

This is Kickstarting your career..

This, is empowering your future.