KickStart’s Trader Funding Package VI


  • $1,000,000 USD Starting Balance
  • 4% Maximum Daily Drawdown
  • 5% Maximum Drawdown
  • Achieve 10% to Qualify
  • Keep 75% of ALL profits!




  • One-Time Fee

    There are no additional or recurring fees of any kind.

  • $1,000,000 USD Starting Balance

    Complete your evaluation in a demo environment, with a $1,000,000 USD starting balance.

  • 10% - or - $100,000 USD Minimum Profit Target

    To qualify, you must show you can generate a minimum of $100,000 USD (10%) profit

  • Keep Losses to Less than 5% Overall

    The most you're allowed to lose overall is 5%, or $50,000 USD.

  • Don't Lose More than $40,000 (4%) in a day

    The most you're allowed to lose in a given day is $40,000 USD, or 4%

  • Keep 75% of Profits

    Keep 75% of ALL Net Profits generated, with one on-demand withdrawal allowed each calendar month

  • Maximum Drawdown Lock-In™

    Our Maximum Drawdown Lock-In™ Feature, allows you to lock your equity stop out (ESO) level to your starting balance once you’ve generated a min. 5% net profit, so that, provided you do not lose more than 4% per day, the more profits you generate, the more drawdown allowance you afford yourself.

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