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Lesson 5 – Japanese Candlesticks

Christopher Guzman February 5, 2020

“In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity.”

– Sun Tzu

Welcome to Lesson Five – Japanese Candlesticks.

We refer to technical analysis as the study of the language of the market. Japanese Candlesticks form the basis of that language. When we learn to identify the different candlesticks, formations, and patterns, we learn to understand what it is the market is trying to say.

In this two-part lesson, we’ll first explore theory and learn about the characteristics of each major candlestick and candlestick formation. Once finished with the theory portion, however, we’ll then jump into the live market to find some examples and see how the market behaves when each one forms.

Watch both the theory and application videos and successfully complete the quiz to progress to Lesson 6.