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Expert Mentorship

The missing piece of the proverbial trading puzzle - education is important, but it's not enough. KickStart provides expert mentorship to accompany our suite of forex trading courses.

Courses Covering all Bases

Covering everything from "What is the Forex?", to trader psychology, harmonics, ichimoku trading and more - we're on a mission to offer courses to cover all bases - in other words - something for everyone!

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Course Materials Included

Each course is sold with its own workbooks, spreadsheets, calculators, heat maps and other proprietary trading tools included for free. That way, you have what you need to find success.

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To be awarded upon successful completion showing the course, the date you completed it and what you are now certified as being able to do .


Welcome to KickStart

I’m Christopher Guzman – Founder, CEO & Head Trader here. I started KickStart Trading with a simple mission – to disrupt the trading (and trading education) industry and to become the final word in trader training and development.

The KickStart Trading Academy is the Education portion of that equation – and all of our proprietary courses have been crafted to help you achieve consistent success. Take a look! 

Why Our Courses?

Grow your knowledge and become the trader you want to be

Each of our state-of-the-art courses is designed to train you for unparalleled success and consistency in the markets.


Affordable Tuition

Is one of our core principles - you shouldn't have to spend your life's savings to change your life.


Proven Formula

We've developed a proven formula for success - learn how to trade quickly and comprehensively

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Anytime, Anywhere

With 100% online curriculum designed to suit your lifestyle, so that you never miss out

Browse all Available Courses Below

There is a wide range of courses, both free and premium, to suit different styles, personalities, and objectives, available for all our KickStart Traders.

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KickStart PRO is the bridge between the market theory learned in courses, and actual, practical application in the live markets.

PRO Members receive a discount up to 100% on courses, seminars, one-to-one coaching and more. 


Get Started with Forex for just £27!

The Forex Foundations Package

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  • the FX Foundations Course (£399 Value)
  • 2-WK Extended Trial to KickStart PRO (£49.50 Value)
  • BONUS: FREE e-book: “the Ultimate Guide to Japanese Candlesticks” (£29.99 Value)