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Learning to trade Forex is only part of the overall equation. Equally important is experience - and having the ability to apply the theory you've learnt to the real world. That's why KickStart PRO is such a vitally important component of your overall journey to becoming a consistently successful, confident and profitable trader.
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PRO is the Ideal Bridge between Theory and Application
It's why we include this service for FREE for 6 months with every new enrolment in our Ultimate Forex Trading Course, and it's why we've priced it so low for after your trial subscription that it just wouldn't make any sense to not carry on with it.
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We get together every Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 06:30 and 07:30 am GMT to scan the markets, provide live analysis and commentary, and to act as your personal, professional trading companions - there to help you make sense of the markets when you need it most.
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KickStart PRO™ Bridges the Gap Between Market Theory and Live Application

For proper Forex training, having the ability to apply market theory to the real world is equally as important as learning market theory in the first place. Forex Training is nothing without hands-on experience. We’ve designed this programme as the perfect supplement for students of the Ultimate Forex Trading Course™ and experienced non-student Forex Traders alike, to elevate your trading experience, provide for an opportunity to collaborate with both peers and professionals, and ultimately, improve your abilities. 

Our PRO™ traders learn how to handle stress, what to look out for, how to manage their positions, how to properly deal with trader psychology and more, by watching the professionals do it every single week.

As a PRO™ Member, you'll benefit from...

Live-Market Trading Sessions

We get together for two hours each morning, Monday – Thursday 7 – 9 am GMT to scan the markets in search of opportunity and to apply everything taught in the Ultimate Forex Trading Course to the real world

Live Coverage of Fundamental Events

The markets are driven by the technicals, but turbocharged by fundamentals. In other words, the fundamentals help to expedite the market’s technical moves. We’ll cover all the major ones, together, live.

Professional Trading Tools

Trading tools are essential – you wouldn’t set about a building project without your building tools, so why would you set about trading without proper trading tools? Ours include a fantastic risk calculator, trade planner and more.

Personal One-to-One Coaching

Personal Coaching is a huge benefit for personalised Forex training – and in many cases, it can mean the difference between success and failure. With an annual subscription, we give you 4 sessions absolutely FREE*

Weekly Currency Outlook

Before you start a trip, it’s important to plan your route. With our Weekly Currency Outlook videos, we plan the route across 24 currency pairs for the week ahead, and then use this as our guide to navigate the market’s moves. 

Exclusive Members-Only Benefits

From additional personal coaching, to increased funding, additional trading education and everything in between, our PRO members enjoy up to 50% off* select KickStart products and services.

More than just a virtual trading room...

KickStart PRO™ is designed to be the ideal way to bridge the gap between theory and practical application in the live market. More than just a trading room – it’s a community of like-minded people, all there for the same reason you are – to become quantifiably better, more consistent, more profitable Forex traders.

Live commentary and professional analysis

We scan through the GBP, EUR, AUD, and USD crosses during our morning sessions, mainly, but of course are able to accommodate requests for live, professional analysis and commentary on virtually any pair or commodity. 

This allows you to see the markets the way we see them – as though you’re peering over our shoulders and into the minds of our professional traders. 

Essential Professional Trading Tools

Gain access to our proprietary Trader’s Tool Kit™ to enhance your forex training, including:

our central hub for all our analysis, key levels, notes, screenshots and more. This tool is used to supplement the weekly LIVE! Outlook Sessions, so that even if you can’t join us LIVE, you’ll still be able to see what we viewed and use it as guidance for the week to compare against your own analysis.

This is actually TWO calculators in one, helping you to tackle risk management from two angles: Position Size and Reward:Risk accurately, efficiently, and stress-free.

Trade planning is one of the most over-looked components of a successful trader’s tool kit, yet it is absolutely essential to success! Our downloadable step-by-step guide will help you create and follow yours.

Fundamental Analysis

We'll cover every major fundamental news event LIVE, and we'll provide macroeconomic and geopolitical context to every setup

Gain an Edge by Understanding Macroeconomic and Geopolotical forces

And learn how these forces interact with the technicals

Technical Analysis

The study of the market's language, how to interpret what the market is trying to say, and how to take tradeable action

Study the Charts like a PRO

Learn through applying theory to the real world and become virtually unstoppable

Hybrid Strategies

Combining fundamental and technical analysis will give you the ultimate edge - it'll help you understand where others don't

Watch as we deploy different proprietary strategies

and we put each setup in the context of who's trading it (swing, scalp, intra-day, etc)

Daily trading insights

Every day, the markets change – perhaps the Fibonacci cycle has completed itself; perhaps a significant sign of reversal has presented which wasn’t evident before; perhaps the markets are range-bound – we help to clear through the “noise” and provide daily trading insights designed to improve your understanding of not only how the markets work, but how better to understand bigger picture direction and how to translate that into an actionable trading plan.

Fundamental events and announcements... covered.

In addition to our normal scheduled weekly sessions, we also cover all major fundamental events and/or announcements, live. This includes Non-Farm Payroll, Interest-Rate Decisions, Monetary policy statements and more. We also cover the major healines such as Brexit, the US-China trade war and more

The markets at your fingertips

Now, you have your PRO™ companions with you wherever you go – our sessions can be attended via computer, mobile phone, tablet or laptop with ease. 

Between Sunday and Friday, trading doesn’t stop. Neither do we. 

Personal Coaching

Included with every membership are four free personal forex training coaching calls. These sessions last around one-hour and are a great way for you to get the individualized attention that you need and that your trading career deserves.

These sessions are usually £250 for the hour, making this membership feature an invaluable savings of £1,000. 

Exclusive, members-only discounts and events

KickStart PRO™ members enjoy an exclusive, hefty discount on other products and services including the Ultimate Forex Trading Course™, KickStart Funding Programme™ one-time fees, personal coaching and more.

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Not convinced KickStart PRO™ is the missing link in your forex training tool box? Why not try us out for free for 7 days? There’s absolutely zero risk and zero obligation. No credit card needed. Just click the button below and provide us with your full name, email address and phone number to get started.

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