Course Intake and Mode

Ongoing/Continuous, Self-Paced w/ supplemental monthly live classes

Course Content Duration

18+ Hours Recorded Content & Ongoing Supplemental Live Classes

Tuition Fee

Course Overview

The Ultimate Forex Trading Course is our comprehensive, 19-module online forex trader training programme. It includes 34 comprehensive video lessons exploring both theory and application in all critical areas of forex trading – from basic market mechanics, to trader psychology and everything in between. 

It incorporates interactive quizzes, assignments and live monthly classroom sessions designed to provide you with the best, most wholesome Forex trader training available.

It is designed to be the only Forex trading course you’ll ever need and provides you with the ideal platform to begin or elevate your career in Forex Trading and Proprietary Forex Trading.

Any good Forex trading course should have an ultimate goal. In other words, something you’re working toward beyond just the privilege of learning to trade. Too many education providers only provide education on theory and nothing else. 

KickStart is different – we don’t teach you just for the simple pleasure of doing so – we train you to a standard to where, working with our partners at the 5%ers, we can match you with trader funding that will allow you to kickstart your trading career. Check out our KickStart Funding™ programme, presented by the 5%ers. 

We achieve this by focusing on the three areas key to trader development – education, application, and funding, and it’s all here as part of The Ultimate Forex Trading Course™ (UFTC).

Why not take a look at Lesson One on YouTube, to get a sense of what the course is like? Click Here to Watch Lesson One


Highlights of the Course

  • Fully Comprehensive, Immersive Learning Experience
  • Ongoing mentoring and support
  • 7 Proprietary Forex Trading Strategies to suit different trading styles & market conditions
  • 6-Months FREE access to KickStart PRO
  • Student-only discounts on everything from coaching to funding - up to 50% off!
  • Lifetime Access to the course and all its content
  • Self-Paced, Guided Study
  • Lifetime Access to Monthly Supplemental Live Classes which exist so that you know you are never alone in your learning/development journey

What Will I Learn?

  • Lesson 1: Introduction to Forex Trading
  • Lesson 2: Brokers, Platforms & Common Terminology
  • Lesson 3: Introduction to Trader Psychology
  • Lesson 4: Price Action
  • Lesson 5: Japanese Candlesticks
  • Lesson 6: Identifying Direction
  • Lesson 7: Support & Resistance
  • Lesson 8: Fibonacci Retracements & Extensions
  • Lesson 9: Advanced Patterns
  • Lesson 10: Identifying Direction
  • Lesson 11: Macroeconomic & Geopolitical Forces
  • Lesson 12: Analysing the Whole Picture
  • Lesson 13: Order Types, Trade Execution, Trade Management
  • Lesson 14: Risk Management
  • Lesson 15: KickStart Trading Strategies
  • Lesson 16: Trade Planning
  • Lesson 17: Trade Journaling
  • Lesson 18: Trader Psychology Revisited
  • Lesson 19: Conclusion & Next Steps

KickStart Trading is Different

We are a full-service trader education & development company. Our mission is to find and cultivate the best team in Forex, and we achieve this by focusing on not just theory, but the three areas that are critical to trader success – education through this Ultimate Forex Trading Course, application in the live markets through KickStart PRO, and trader funding through our KickStart Funding Programme™, presented by our partners at the 5%ers.

 We are guided by three simple, yet crucially important principles – 1.) That becoming a successful Forex trader should not be unattainable; 2.) That a comprehensive Forex trading course should NOT cost you your life’s savings; and finally, 3.) That there is no such thing as a “Get Rich Quick” scheme.

Finding success requires patience, discipline, an unwavering desire for and commitment to success, and a qualified mentor to guide you along your Forex journey and foster your development.

KickStart Trading is different in that we aim to make money WITH you, not FROM you – and as such, for us, your success is mission critical.

What do I Get as a Student?

Technical & Fundamental Analysis

Learn how the markets move according to technical patterns, and are boosted by macroeconomic and geopolitical forces.

Monthly Supplemental Live Classes

This course is self-paced, but that doesn’t mean self-study. To supplement your learning, Chris hosts a 4-hour live class EVERY Month, and you’ll have access… for life.

Lifetime Access to the Course and Content

You will have lifetime access to the course, all its content, & all weekly live classes. Once you’e bought it, it’s yours – as it should be!

6-Months Free Membership to KickStart PRO™

Market theory is only the first-step. You need to also be able to apply that theory to the real-world. Your 6-months FREE PRO subscription will help you do just that.

Student-Only Discounts with KickStart & Partners

As a student you’ll benefit from student-only discounts on everything from coaching to funding and everything inbetweeen.

Exclusive Student-Only Discounts and Benefits

Want to be evaluated for more than $10K? Want to go further with even more personal coaching? Our students enjoy up to 30% off select products and services!*

*terms & conditions apply.

Author of the Ultimate Forex Trading Course

About the Instructor

Christopher Guzman has spent the better part of the past 10 years both trading Forex professionally and teaching thousands of investors around the globe how to trade with confidence and achieve consistent results. He has taught courses in Fibonacci Analysis, Harmonic Patterns, Ichimoku Trading, Basket/Index Trading, Macroeconomics and more. 

Chris believes in a few core principles – that trading should be kept simple, that the best way to learn is through experience, and that we rise and fall together with our students – that your success is critical to the success of our mission. 

He is the Founder & CEO of KickStart Trading as well as our Head Trader, and is committed to helping you find success and achieve your goals in the markets. 

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Ratings and Reviews

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6 Ratings
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Luka Strakl
Posted 3 months ago
The proper all around course

Taking this course, no matter how much knowledge you have will teach you something new. It's designed to teach advanced setups for individuals with more experience and covers the basics to technical and fundamental trading for everyone that is new in this space. I highly recommend the course - the mentioned techniques have very high probability to increase your trading performance!

Robin Roos
Posted 4 months ago
Highly recommended

Having worked in IT on many Forex-related projects I thought I understood the Forex market. This course has complimented my understanding of market mechanics with a sound appreciation of how to read and how to trade that market. The in-depth coverage of Fibonacci retracement and extension techniques, in the context of the fractal nature of markets, is hugely valuable and a rare find.

Christopher Neubig
Posted 7 months ago
Excellent! Best decision I could have made!

They cover all bases here and even put you forward for funding, which was something I just couldn't pass up. I don't regret it one single bit! I have learned everything from fibs to trader psychology and everything in between. From the 1st lesson onward, you get the sense KickStart is there to help you become successful and they actually care. Thanks guys, you really are awesome!

Posted 8 months ago
I highly recommend this Forex trading course!

Since enrolling in this course, my win rate and trading performance in general has greatly improved! The course is taught in a very clear way and support is always available if you need it. All aspects of trading are covered in this course, no nonsense, no jargon, just straight to the point. This truly is the Ultimate Forex Trading Course and definitely lives up to its name!

Oliver Gajtanski
Posted 8 months ago
Absolutely top notch information and presentation wise. Love it. Christopher Guzman is in my eyes no. 1 trader and mentor.Thanks

The course, which is very well made, contains accurate to the point information that is up to date, delivered in a relaxed, easy to understand and fun way and is very educational, It will teach you everything you need to know about technical analysis, proper trade and money management, discipline and patience and will work on your psychology too.It truly is the Ultimate Course as the name suggests

Posted 8 months ago
Amazing Course!

This course is AMAZING, Christopher has a very good and interesting way to teach about Forex. I like his enthusiasm, energy, and the easy way in which he explains the concepts and topics. Excellent investment in knowledge in a fun way to learn.

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