The Ultimate Forex Trading Course™

Become an Expert Market Analyst - the first step in becoming a successful trader, by gaining the ability to analyze any chart, any asset, like the PROs. With 7 proprietary trading strategies, 19 modules, Over 20 hours of content, 34 lessons covering everything from What is FX? to Trader Psychology and everything in between, quarterly live classes, ongoing trader coaching, and development... This, is the Ultimate Forex Trading Course.

Christopher Guzman · November 7, 2020

Welcome to the Ultimate Forex Trading Course

the only online course you’ll ever need to start finding success in the markets.

Most Traders who author a Forex Trading Course won’t tell you this, but it’s true: To achieve long-term success in the markets, you must first learn how to read them like a Professional. There’s a big difference between a good analyst and a good trader – a good trader is an expert technical analyst who can apply the principles of analysis and trading best practices to the markets for a profit.

This is the most comprehensive online trading course around, comprising of 19 modules, 34 video lessons, interactive quizzes, and much more exploring all aspects of technical analysis, fundamental analysis, trader psychology, risk/equity management, and more.

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Build a Strong Foundation

Technical Analysis - The Market's Language
Time to Trade
A Dream is a Goal Without a Plan

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