The Ultimate Forex Trading Course™

7 proprietary trading strategies, 19 modules, Over 20 hours of content, 34 lessons covering everything from What is FX? to Trader Psychology and everything in between, quarterly live classes, ongoing trader coaching, and development... This, is the Ultimate Forex Trading Course.

Christopher Guzman · November 7, 2020

Welcome to the Ultimate Forex Trading Course

the only forex trading course you’ll ever need to start finding success in the markets.

The Ultimate Forex Trading Course is the most comprehensive online forex trading course around, comprising of 19 modules, 34 video lessons, interactive quizzes and much more exploring all aspects of technical analysis, fundamental analysis, and more.

It was developed with a decade of professional trading experience, and it is the ideal way to learn to trade forex online. Utilizing our unique approach to learning to trade, we begin with exploring “What is the Forex?” and build from there with such concepts as risk & equity management, price action, Fibonacci analysis, advanced patterns, trader psychology and more.

See, learning a forex trading strategy is NOT the same as learning to trade forex. The reason is simple – if you are a sort of, “one-trick-pony,” as it were, only knowing one trading strategy – what would happen if that strategy were to suddenly stop working as market conditions drastically change? What would you do? Seek out (and very likely pay for) another strategy – and that one will work, until it doesn’t, and so the cycle continues.

We take a very different approach – we teach you how to trade the forex market in the most wholesome way possible, giving you a solid foundation upon which we then build, giving you an edge and making you a future-proof trader.

Our ultimate goal is to teach you HOW to trade, not WHAT to trade. We want you to learn HOW to understand what the market is saying, not just simply WHAT the market is saying.

By focussing on the three key areas of trader development – education, application, and funding – we aim to cultivate the highest quality, consistently profitable traders in the industry.

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Build a Strong Foundation
Technical Analysis - The Market's Language
Time to Trade
A Dream is a Goal Without a Plan

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Posted 9 months ago
The proper all around course

Taking this course, no matter how much knowledge you have will teach you something new. It's designed to teach advanced setups for individuals with more experience and covers the basics to technical and fundamental trading for everyone that is new in this space. I highly recommend the course - the mentioned techniques have very high probability to increase your trading performance!

Posted 10 months ago
Highly recommended

Having worked in IT on many Forex-related projects I thought I understood the Forex market. This course has complimented my understanding of market mechanics with a sound appreciation of how to read and how to trade that market. The in-depth coverage of Fibonacci retracement and extension techniques, in the context of the fractal nature of markets, is hugely valuable and a rare find.

Christopher Neubig
Posted 1 year ago
Excellent! Best decision I could have made!

They cover all bases here and even put you forward for funding, which was something I just couldn't pass up. I don't regret it one single bit! I have learned everything from fibs to trader psychology and everything in between. From the 1st lesson onward, you get the sense KickStart is there to help you become successful and they actually care. Thanks guys, you really are awesome!

Darren Peter
Posted 1 year ago
I highly recommend this Forex trading course!

Since enrolling in this course, my win rate and trading performance in general has greatly improved! The course is taught in a very clear way and support is always available if you need it. All aspects of trading are covered in this course, no nonsense, no jargon, just straight to the point. This truly is the Ultimate Forex Trading Course and definitely lives up to its name!

Oliver Gajtanski
Posted 1 year ago
Absolutely top notch information and presentation wise. Love it. Christopher Guzman is in my eyes no. 1 trader and mentor.Thanks

The course, which is very well made, contains accurate to the point information that is up to date, delivered in a relaxed, easy to understand and fun way and is very educational, It will teach you everything you need to know about technical analysis, proper trade and money management, discipline and patience and will work on your psychology too.It truly is the Ultimate Course as the name suggests

Posted 1 year ago
Amazing Course!

This course is AMAZING, Christopher has a very good and interesting way to teach about Forex. I like his enthusiasm, energy, and the easy way in which he explains the concepts and topics. Excellent investment in knowledge in a fun way to learn.

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